Global Telecentre Awards Update: 59 entries received, 2 more days to go till deadline

TCF is down to the last two days of acceptance of entries to the Global Telecentre Awards. To date, they have received a total of 59 entries distributed among six categories namely: Telecentre, Telecentre Manager, Telecentre Network, Telecentre Initiative, Telecentre Innovation, and Information Access Center.

Entries to the awards should be made via a blog post in any of Foundation’s online communities in English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and French.

» For details, read the Awards guidelines

Taking place for the first time this year, the Awards seek to recognize deserving individuals, networks and organizations in the global telecentre movement in a bid to push excellence in the delivery of ICT-based services to the communities in different parts of the world.

Major winners will get a chance to personally claim their award during the Spark event (also known as the 4th Global Forum on Telecentres) that will take place from May 28-29 in Granada, Spain.

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