Telecentre Europe Awards 2016 WINNER Entry: Digital Changemaker

Goran Jovišić

Country: Serbia

City/Town: Novi Sad

Work Place: Association of Serbian professors of informatics

Position: president

Years in service in current organization: 15

Nominated by:  Mladen Jovanović, member, Association of Serbian professors of informatics



Goran Jovišić, born 1962, is a graduate of the Novi Sad University of Technical Science “Mihajlo Pupin’’, the department of information technology; he obtained the degree as a professor of information science. From 1988 he has worked as a teacher of information technology in Karlovacka high school in the town of Sremski Karlovci.

He was awarded ‘’The best teachers in Serbia 2015’’ Prize for Inspiring Entrepreneurship "Živojin Mišić", Belgrade Serbia. He published several professional studies on seminars in the country and abroad.
His experience was described in the ‘’Lexicon creators in pre-university education’’ published by Publisher Klett.
He is one of the founders as well as the president of “Association of Serbian professors of informatics” in Novi Sad established in 2007.

He got involved in the digital inclusion sector when he published research ’’ICT in Lessons at Schools in Serbia, Overview of the Situation, Development Prospects’’ supported by Fund for an Open Society.


His contribution to digital inclusion includes:

  • Modern approach to the educational process from the aspect of curricula, teaching aids and methods,
  • Redefining the curriculum from the aspect of ICT education, 
  • Integration of e-learning in the modeling the distance e-learning system.
  • He established several e-learning portals for subliming all activities in the ICT education and trained about 5000 citizens.
  • Educating children with special needs work with children with Down's syndrome, autism and Children with Visual Impairment
  • Preparing 4900 unemployed young people in the use of ICT and internet
  • Introduction and ECDL certification of ICT education and citizens; he is an authorized ECDL Tester
  • He led and moderated an online school for 1700 students and 400 teachers about the prevention of digital violence.
  • Training teachers to became/remain experts for pedagogical integration of ICT,
  • Actively preparing young people in the employment program Achievement Junior World Wide


Mr Jovišić organized independently, or in collaboration with other leaders and organizations, 14 national and international conferences, 11 public debates, round tables, 60 seminars, counseling, lectures and other forms of professional and public work.

He published scientific proceedings, brochures, articles and other publications dealing with the thematic objectives of youth employment through ICT and ways of achieving them.

He cooperates with educational and scientific institutions, professional associations and other organizations at Serbia and abroad that have similar objectives.

Mr Jovišić is a member of many authorized organizations throughout the country and the world. He cooperates with international organization ‘’Save the Children’’ and OAK Foundation in program in the protection of young people from violence. Within this program, he led and moderated online school for 1700 students and about 400 of their teachers.


Mr Jovišić supported Roma people to localize free educational applications in the Roman language. He organized several international conferences and seminars and wrote several manuals on the use of free software, open hardware and open standards in a variety of environments.

He has worked on implementation of the bilingual German-Serbian project, within which computer science was taught in the German language in the last four years. Organizers are Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Germany. (A curriculum that is comparable to the material covered in the German language in classroom; instruction through the native language for subject matter).

During the war in the Balkans Mr Jovišić was coordinator of the Internet Program, Debate Program and the Program for the Children with Special Needs. In personal and NGOs capacity he organized and coordinated a number of projects related to the use of Internet aimed to help NGOs to cooperate in conflicting regions to work for peace.

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Comment by Stanislava Stojkov on September 8, 2016 at 8:53

 Im proud of his work and also the chance to meet him and work with him. The whole idea inspired me to make some changes in my work and to help my students to improve their knowledge. A innovative concept of work with creative ideas, engages students to make the learning process easier , which in the end has a lifelong impact on them.

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