GOW 2012 case study. An opportunity to prolong our social lives

Entering the library on Tuesday morning I find a white-haired man sitting by the computer and reading something very carefully. That man with calm and concentrated face is Juozas Aukštuolis. Currently he participates in the course of ICT basics – he tries to recall what he knew some time ago and learn new things.

Mr. Juozas is a transport engineer. The last years of working he spent in the MOT inspection, testing the cars’ condition. In that job the only thing he had to do with a computer was to send an e-mail to costumers. At that time there was neither willingness nor need to learn other possibilities of the computer and the internet. Mr. Juozas explains: “When I worked I had a lot to do, a lot to remember, so there was no time for something else”.

Now Mr. Juozas is a first year pensioner. It felt strange for him not to go anywhere anymore every morning. The need for news, for connection with the external world and the wish to chat online with his grandchildren appeared. These were the reasons that brought Juozas to the library to learn to use a computer.

But apart from that, Juozas' hobby is gardening. “Spring is coming. In a few weeks I am moving to live at the summerhouse and gardening will become the most important topic for our family. And it's easier to plan my time and the tasks in the garden when I can check the weather forecast online. On the internet, I also read a lot about the dwarf apple trees and how to protect plants from pests.” – says Mr. Juozas.

The story shows how lifelong learning gives an opportunity to prolong our active social lives. Thanks to ICT, Mr. Juozas will now get the best out of his senior age!

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Comment by Lize De Clercq on April 19, 2012 at 12:35

I also like the story a lot. Mr. Juozas undoubtedly belongs to the generation that wasn't very fascinated by the computer disturbing their job routines (building a kind of negative attitude towards computers and the internet) but once retired, they start to perceive the relevance to their lives, overcome their scepticism, and with the help of telecentres, build their skills & confidence and become motivated users who will convince their former fellow-pessimists:)

Comment by Mara Jakobsone on April 18, 2012 at 18:50

Great story !  I am gardening myself and know how much usefull info there is on web :

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