GOW 2012 in Greece_Case Study "Augment Reality Application for the enhancement of the local economy in touristic places"

Within the frames of the GET ONLINE WEEK 2012,  the Sector of Telematics and Applications for Regional Development of the Computer Technology Institute “Diophantus” organised a workshop with the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Helia (Pyrgos) were the existing and potential entrepreneurs of the area were informed about smart applications and ICT tools that can help them promote and advertise their company, provided services etc.

Special attention and much interest was shown to the Augment Reality Application which was presented by Mrs Eirini Andriakopoulou, Computer Engineer, MSc. Mrs Andriakopoulou explained how this application can be used in the tourist sector which is the heavy industry of the area. Indeed, very close to Pyrgos city is Ancient Olympia, a world known place for its history and cultural heritage related to the Olympic Games and visited by hundred thousand people annually. Many visitors access the place via the neighbour port of Katakolo and then by bus are going to Olympia. The representatives of the Business Association of Katakolo were very interested in the Augment Reality Application in the tourist sector. Regarding they were not aware of this application and its potential, they expressed much interest on how they can use it at the Katakolo town in order to keep the visitors, even for a few hours, at their town before going to Olympia. The complaint of the entrepreneurs of Katakolo is that the tourists, after they arrive at the port they leave straight forward to Olympia and don’t stay at all at Katakolo and the enterprises face several economic problems.  

After the presentation, the representatives of the business association of Katakolo agreed, with the contribution of Mrs Adriakopoulou and other experts, to create Augment Reality Application for the enterprises, sightseeing, restaurants, hotels, banks, museums etc of the area in order the visitors to be informed about the  infrastructures and other places they can visit in Katakolo before going to Olympia. This initiative, according to the representatives, will certainly boost the economy of Katakolo which so far, is in recession because the tourists are not aware of any other place but Olympia.

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