GOW 2012 in LT. Success Story of Mr. Romas Razvanavičius

Goal – to find a job

The success story of previously unemployed Romas Razvanavicius is an excellent example demonstrating how acquired knowledge and skills always are useful. Mr. Romas found out about computer literacy trainings in his regional Labour exchange office in town of Jurbarkas. He didn’t hesitate and in the end of 2011 started attending the trainings provided by “Langas į ateitį”. Romas says: “I had some previous knowledge using ICT. Although a lot of things were forgotten during last couple of years. So I decided to improve my skills and attend the trainings. My main goal was to learn the Excel program and also other things needed for a job in any company”.

One of the many things that Mr. Romas learnt during the trainings was an independent job search in the database of Labour exchange. After the courses he used gained knowledge and found a job announcement in his town – the Bus terminal of Jurbarkas was planning to computerise the storehouse and was looking for an employee with computer literacy knowledge. Mr. Romas applied for this job and his ICT training diploma was an important advantage to be chosen among other candidates.

Saves time and money

Mr Romas is one of 16.000 adult Lithuanian citizens who gained computer literacy, internet and e-services usage skills during the trainings of “Langas į ateitį”. Course participants especially liked useful e-services such as e-banking, registering to the doctor, buying goods via internet. Internet and e-services help to save not only money but also the time.

Mr. Romas is positive that ICT trainings enriched his leisure time and helped to find the ways of saving his time. Apart from main job in the Bus terminal of Jurbarkas Mr. Romas is also the chair of his house community and says: “Using computer and internet I can provide the information to the residents of our house more quickly. And that’s why I have more time for my own interests”.

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