GOW 2012 Romania - EOS: First time on the net: „I’m 67 and coming to the library via hall pass!”


I’m 67 and coming to the library via hall pass!

A passionate about the mysteries of Egypt and of the pyramids of the civilizations of Mexico, mister Dorin Cosma (in the picture below), is the newest student from the Buni Neților Club (seniors club). His story begins in March during the „Get Online Week!” campaign which was on going at the „St. L. Roth” Municipal Library, CIP – Biblionet department.

One day I noticed a gentleman who was standing and looking through the window from the library entrance. I opened one of the doors and asked him a few questions, after which I remembered two stories: the one written by Andersen - „The Match Girl” and the one written by N. Calma - „The Red Shoes”.

Why Andersen? The girl from the story wanted to warm up her hands at the fire, as this gentleman wanted to warm up his soul in the library, reading a book.

And why N. Calma? Neuti’s mother had money just to buy one single red shoe, and this gentleman who came at the library had a disability – he was sitting in a wheelchair because he had an amputated leg.

I got very emotional and decided to help him with everything I knew, having a common passion as well:  Egypt’s civilization.

I instructed him to enter the library through the main entrance where there was a ramp for persons in wheelchairs and printed some information about pyramids. He came the next day too. We looked for the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. On the third day, he watched some movies about the Valley of the Nile. Today he asked for materials about the connection between planets and pyramids.

Day after day, step by step, I suggested to him to come and find out about computers so that he himself could look for information on the Internet. Reluctantly he admitted that he did not know how because he did not have a computer at home, and told me that „what I’m wearing is everything I have”. Exactly as in the ancient Latin dictionary - „Omnia mecum, mecum porto”.

Mister Cosma Dorin aged 48, became an orphan when he was just 12 years old, lived in Sibiu and then came to Medias. He does not receive any pension, he just benefits from the social welfare. There is no library where he lives. He came to the library because he likes to read, but he didn’t know how to get past the door on his own...He needed help.

He was everyone’s friend although „I’m my own family”! He likes reading and hopes to be helped in the future with other materials like the ones about Easter Island, Machu Pichu and planets’ influence in the year 2012.

Today he touched a mouse for the very first time and managed alone to move the scroll up and down to read articles on the Internet. I suggested to him to attend the Internet course together with other persons and to learn how to look on his own, for information from every field he was passionate about.

The first class starts on April 18th. Until then, he needs a letter for the representatives of the Rehabilitation Centre through which the fact that during a certain amount of time, he attends these classes at CIP Biblionet, is being announced. „And now I have a hall pass for the library because I have to be at lunch at 12.00.”

Let’s wish him sincerely ...Welcome to the Medias Library - telecentre! A world where life becomes better!

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