GOW 2012 Romania EOS: Internet, a friend at need! Sadness when not around...


Internet, a friend at need! Sadness when not around...

Once with the appearance of the Biblionet Project at Pausesti-Maglasi Library, the users of the public library were to discover that their friendship and the ones dear to them can make their existence easier and nicer with computers and internet.

Dani, a smart and cheerful child, had a happy childhood, despite the fact that he was living with his parents (coming from the Arges County, to Pausesti looking for a job, impossible to find it in their home village) and his sister, in a rented room, in Pausesti-Maglasi, and didn’t have everything he wished for. The public library from Pausesti-Maglasi, that exist here, have become, for Dani, the place where he goes daily, where he fells good and has made friends.

Until one day, when, Scheuerman disease, with which Dani has been diagnosed, has shaken the existence of his entire family. The doctor has told his parents just a few about Dani’s disease, but they wanted to know what they didn’t have the strength and dearness to ask the doctor about that disease they had never heard before. At that moment, the library (telecenter) has been their best friends. The internet that he had for free, gave those answers to their questions and worries helped them to find out what were the best method of diagnosing the disease, the most suitable treatments in Dani’s case, natural treatments, and the addresses of some clinics where Dani could be treated by kinetotherapy, medical massage and physiotherapy. It helped them to know, even before any doctor told them, that Dani had to give up the physical education class (he needed a time-out from sports), and that he was not allowed to carry weights.  By the help of  ICT we have made appointments for Dani’s consultations at clinics from Bucharest, Cluj si Targu  Mures, we have made reservations at the transport agencies from Valcea  for the roads that he had made by bus to the cities where he needed to go for investigations and treatment. ICT also helped him to order online and to buy a trawler suited to Dani’s needs (he was not allowed to carry heavy loads), to buy a gypsum corset for Dani’s prosthetic treatment and orthopedic shoes recommended for his condition.



Dani feels well …  he managed to keep his condition under control ... He misses Internet and his friends from Pausesti-Maglasi…and to send them a thought, via mail, Dani has to travel now 8 km to one of his cousins who has Internet connection and who lives in another commune … there are neither telecenter, library nor Internet in his home village where he lives now and he has no friends, no socializing …

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