GOW 2013 story from Serbia: "Let's all be online"

With the goal of promoting digital literacy among all generations, during the Get Online week 2013, the Primary school  “Isidora Sekulić“ from Pančevo, Serbia opened its doors for the oldest members of the community.

The pupils of the sixth grade organised a workshop Let`s all be online where they trained their grandmothers and grandfathers to use computers and Internet. The workshop lasted for two days. With the help of their grandchildren and their friends the elderly used computers for the first time. They acquired basic skills of Internet search, learned how to save information they found on the Internet, to print them, as well as how to transfer photos from a camera to computer.  

Grandparents on Facebook

Wishing to get better acquainted with the most popular Internet applications among youth - social networks, many of them were curious to step into the world of Facebook particularly, and therefore this was an essential part of the workshop.   

Grandchildren showed great patients in helping their grandparents and other elderly citizens to acquire e-skills. Intergenerational cooperation has once again proven to be a valuable method in promoting digital literacy among the elderly.

Smiles were on the faces of both elderly trainees and young trainers at the end of the workshop. Seniors were happy for discovering the fantastic opportunities provided by the new technologies - to learn, to be in contact with friend and relatives living far away, to have a better quality of life in their golden age. 

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