GOW 2016 in the Czech Republic: Coding, Skillage, Commandments and iSejf competition

Digital literacy is a key skill that young people need to possess in order to get an attractive and creative job. According to various sourveys, there are still reserves in regards to knowledge not only young people have when it comes to effective use of online tools.

Get Online Week campaing aims at changing this. Czech Safer Internet Centre organized the Czech version of the campaign for year 2016. We prepared various activities connected to digital literacy and online safety. First and most importantly, we organized a seminar on programming and coding.

So, on Tuesday, March 15, 31 students from the first-year of Jecna High School had a pilot interactive lecture about programming called Code Your Future. But it was not a boring lecture. First, lecturer Vojtech Kalousek swiftly presented the students with the opportunities world of programming and coding offers. And then all of them moved onto the part, that they found the most interesting - practice and actual programming. 

Participants were able to test programming in TouchDevelop, and they could compare it to Scratch while Mr. Kalousek slowly and precisely explained everything the students were interested in. Also, at the end of the workshop (and since it was a pilot lecture) they discussed the whole concept, what to improve and what topics to talk in more detail next time.

Games, applications, websites, operating systems, programming and coding are no longer a professions of the future. They are one of the top professions today – professions with huge potential, which allow tens of thousands of people to have their hobby as their living. Moreover, really well paid. And interest among young in particular is constantly growing.

Also during the Get Online Week 2016 we launched a campaign that motivated young people to take part in the Skillage test. We managed to reach over 300 people through our social media profiles and our websites.

We also prepared another round of iSejf competition directed at teenagers to make them more aware of the online safety, this time by connecting literature and Shakespeare in particular with the online world. 

Lastly, since Czech Safer Internet Centre focuses on online safety, we prepared an educational campaign reaching tens of thousands people on social networks. We have prepared a special Ten Commandments of Online Safety in an attractive graphic form that everyone could download and save for later use.

Jan Huk




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