GOW17 in Romania @ National College "Horea, Closca and Crisan" Telecentre from Alba Iulia



GET ONLINE WEEK -  in short GOW - is an annual campaign of digital inclusion initiated at European level by Telecentre Europe. GET ONLINE! (Hai pe Net!) is a version of the European campaign in Romania, which took place from the 27th of March until the 2nd of April 2017, coordinated at a national level by EOS Foundation in Timisoara, in partnership with the National Association of Public Libraries in Romania, with an active community of telecentres (like  the National College "Horea, Closca and Crisan" Telecentre from Alba Iulia, Alba county) together with public libraries, schools, Points of Public Access to Intelligence (PAPI) and other organisations and institutions dedicated to digital literacy in Romania.

The campaign's agenda of the National College "Horea, Closca and Crisan" Telecentre from Alba Iulia (telecentre coordinator teacher Ramona Humeniuc) included the following activities:

  • Monday, 27.03. 2017: Campaign launch.  Digital skills assessment using the Skillage application dedicated to young people - the activity for IX-XII graders was carried out in the laboratories of the Science Centre. Responsible teachers: Codruta Muresan and Ramona Humeniuc.

  • Tuesday, 28.03.2017: "The First Click! and then you learn how to pay invoices online!" was a workshop,  in which the students of XII grade, specializing in Mathematics and Computer Science, encouraged the school's non-teaching staff (carers, maids, guards,  maintenance workers) who never used a computer or don't have access to internet, to do their first click with them. After the first click, the students taught them how to search information on the internet, to create their own Facebook account, to pay their gas and electricity invoices, their cable subscription and the internet-on-phone bill. Responsible teacher: Ramona Humeniuc. 


  • Wednesday, 29.03.2017 - Open Doors Day at UEES University of Exact and Engineering Science of the UAB   ("1 December 1918" University of Alba Iulia). At the beginning, the Dean, associate professor, Dr Corina Rotar made a presentation about the specializations managed by the university. Then, representatives of business talked about how computers and internet helped them in their personal and professional development. Their talks were followed by the presentations of robots and practical workshops on specialisations. Students from the XI and XII grades took part together with their teachers Laura Muresan, Sebastian Onac, and Ramona Humeniuc.

  • Thuesday, 30.03.2017: the activity "How to succeed in getting employed. Create your own CV". The workshop helped to identify the latent skills and abilities of students by creating a CV worthy of the employer's or educational institutions' attention. Students from XI and XII grade accessed the http://yourock.jobs/ro platform and learnt how to create a useful CV. The workshop was carried out in the laboratories of the Computer Science Centre, AEL Lab. Responsible teachers: Ramona Humeniuc, Carmen Palcu, Laura Muresan and Codruta Muresan.


The activities that took place at the National College "Horea, Closca & Crisan" Telecentre from Alba Iulia are part of the

"7 General Categories" of the activity Get Online 2017:

  • The First Click
  • Promoting ICT for young people's employment
  • Digital Skills?No problem!
  • Online training courses for teachers
  • Digital audio-video communication
  • Promoting web accessibility
  • Promoting new media through impact infographics

  • Friday, 31.03.2017: Webinar "Online training courses for teachers".  The registration of the trainees (teachers, librarians) on the Microsoft Education Portal http://education.microsoft.com was facilitated by  teacher Ramona Humeniuc, librarian Lucretia Barz, and programmer Mariana Coroiu.


*** "We learn slowly but we still learn. Today has been the first time I have ever done online banking. I have heard about it before and I have seen commercials, in which a man was sitting in front of a computer, waving a bill and saying, relieved, "Finally, I have paid this one too!"
At first I was scared by the idea and I was reluctant, but today I have been taught by "expert students" how to use it safely and I have realised that it is a very quick and convenient way to pay your invoices" (R.M., maintenance worker)

*** "Today I have learnt how to pay my  gas bill  online. This saves me a lot of time from standing  in a  queue waiting at an office. Thank you for offering me this learning opportunity" . ( M.S., guard)




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