GOW2012 in Latvia case study- “Computerologist" helps citizens to heal their computers and work safely

During the Get Online s week 2012 in Latvia there was a new profession – the „Computerologist" (Datorologs) created.  As part of permanent staff of CERT.LV from now on he will offer professional advice and computer surgery or virus prevention in Latvia's society. He is a bit funny (see in the picture), very cleaver and dedicated to detect, to kill and to prevent any kind of computer viruses, illnesses and misbehavior in online society. 

During  GOW 2012 Computerologist  became one of the most filmed and interviewed person, as he saved nerves and money of many computer users in Latvia. He informed visitors about self - prevention options like regular update of Anti virus programs, and of course - repaired and disinfected many devices. 

After his first working day unfortunately „Computerologist” estimated that 1/3 from patients never used any firewall or anti-virus programs. Other third of the users do not up-date programs frequently. That means that only every third Latvia’s computer-users behave safely and adequately while browsing in internet or accepting unknown programs and attachments from suspicious senders. On a computer of some entrepreneur more than 110 different viruses have been found.

 More information: www.cert.lv

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