GOW2013 Stories Spanish Telecentres "Ana Yecora, an example of improvement in e-skills

Ana is an unemployed person that has been participating in several activities organized by Dedalo Foundation (Spain) to acquire skills in the use of ICTs. She is 46 years old and started with some digital literacy courses but, after that, she has participated in more than 12 training actions, workshops, seminars, and so on.

 -       Which Get Online Week activity did you participate in? Was it the On-Line Job Search or the LinkedIn activity?

I attended the activity “Create Your CV and Find A Job On-line”. From my point of view, the educational methodology used in the workshop was very successful and despite the activity was only 1 hour and a half, all participants learnt a lot about the topic.

 -       Please assess on a 1 to 10 scale the usefulness of the activity you participated in.

Your assessment: 10


-       What have you learned?

I have learned to create and edit my on-line CV and how to use job search websites. In detail we learnt to highlight our own skills in the curriculum in order to attract the attention of employers and to include our strengths. We know as well to choose the best websites to publish it and use online tools to supplement the job search.


-       Do you think your e-skills have been improved after this activity?

My technological knowledge is the same but I have extended my knowledge on job searching. This is a very important issue today because the most of job seekers published their job offer online in specialized websites.


-       Have you made any use of the knowledge and tools you acquired during the Workshop?

Yes, I have sent my CV to several companies but their response was that they were looking for people for persons under 35. However, I think I still have more work to do on this respect. 

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