GOW2013 story from Germany: Cloud 4 All – Open and universal access for all

Accessibility is a pre-condition for Digital Inclusion of people with disabilities. Within the Cloud 4 All project a user interface will be developed that allows users to access the Internet with devices of any kind designed to their individual preferences. The idea is to store one's preferences as well as especially needed software like a screenreader f. e. in the cloud and provide it wherever and whenever the individual will make use of a device to access the internet.

Stiftung Digitale Chancen is partner in an international Consortium of so far 24 partners working in the project. Under the slogan of the European year of people with disabilities "Nothing about us without us" we follow an approach of complete involvement of the target group in the project activities. We therefore have carried out interviews and workshops with people with disabilities to learn about their perception of the Cloud4All strategy. The results were transferred into the development of the Cloud4All user interface. In early 2013 first applications for the storing of personal preferences were ready to be tested. In a workshop we gave it a try-out  and gathered first experiences in handling the different applications.

With Cloud4All a next generation of web accessibility can be reached not only for people with disabilities but also for internet beginners with low digital literacy. Imagine that whatever device you are likely to use wherever you go – a ticket vending machine, the computer in your public library or your friend's smart phone – you will always find it exactly as you need it with regard to font size, colors, contrast even type of language and volume of sound. Wouldn't that be great and help you also to convince your eighty years old Granny to give the internet a try?

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