GOW2013 story from Russia: "You Learn, You teach"

Real accomplishment

As part of GOW, the Togliatti State University and Tvoy Kurs: IT for Youth Project organized the contest Digital Citizenship: You Learn, You teach. High school students designed training manuals based on online tools. Contest participants studied the ICT tools and created special websites with several wonderful online guides, such as Online Registration for a Doctor’s appointmentInstructions for a beloved GrannyElectronic Citizen, Instructions for Parents on Using the School Electronic Journal and many others.  The 

manuals are very creative and full of inspiring tips and guides and take beginners online step by step. All projects were awarded according to the contest results. Inspired by their success, students shared their opinion about GOW 2013 and the contest, ”That’s cool! Let’s do more! IT for Youth project is for us!” They are excited and willing to improve and develop IT skills needed in the XXI century.

Togliatti GOW striking activities

The special team of teachers created the colorful learning events for children of different ages. The younger children took part in Safety Online lessons and were introduced to the website of the 4th International Children's online competition "Interneshka". Together with the site’s main characters, Interneshka and Mityasik, the kids learned the main safety rules of the Internet and mobile communication and played a training game. The teenage students were offered to participate in Social networks and media to learn, work and communicate seminar. The 9th and 10th graders attended a 

seminar in online copyright laws where they discovered a lot of new helpful information.

 Public school No 62 of Togliatti took part in Get Online Week 2013 for the first time this year. When students and teachers saw the title of the campaign they unanimously decided to join the event. Throughout the week, students from different grades visited the Computer Science classroom and voted for Russia. One should have seen the faces of those boys and girls when they observed the online statistics of GOW participants. Standing in front of their computers kids cheered for Russia with the words, “Come on, Russia! Come on!” Children invited their classmates, parents, relatives and friends to register as GOW participants.  And their work was rewarded because Russia got its high score!

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