GOW2014 Story: The Young Explorer of the coding world

Several months ago Anastasia Voronina, a third grade school girl of one of the secondary schools in Tomsk, had no idea about program codes and all such thing. She couldn’t even dream of creating and designing her own games with Kodu Game Lab, winning the Kodu Contest and getting award from the President of Microsoft Russia!

Once Nadezhda Pchelintseva, Anastasia’s school teacher, saw the announcement about Basics of Coding Course that Tvoy Kurs Center offered to the school kids, she made up her mind to get her school students there. Ten kids expressed their interest to take the course and Nadezhda brought them to the Tomsk Regional Library, where TK Center was located. At first the kids were a bit discreet and reserved, as they didn’t know what to expect, but what they saw and learned during the Kodu Course, captivated them totally.

TK trainers did their best to make the classes interesting and appealing to the kids. While learning to create their own virtual worlds and making everything move and act at their command, the kids acquired such valuable skills as critical thinking, problem solving and programming.

Anastasia Voronina was one of those 10 kids and she liked the Kodu classes a lot. Being diligent and accurate, she listened to the trainer carefully and tried to follow all the instructions. At the end of the training Anastasia developed her own computer game and was very happy about it!

Some time later the My Kodu World Contest was launched by the Tvoy Kurs Project dedicated to the Get Online Week 2014. The contest invited students in 3 age brackets (7-10, 11-13 and 14-16) to create and design their own computer 3D games with Kodu Game Lab and download them on the project website. Anastasia’s trainer from the Tvoy Kurs Center offered her to present her game at the contest. When Nastya saw her name among the winners, she was overjoyed – the first game and such a success!

Anatasia was invited to the Microsoft event held in Tomsk, where she and her trainer could demonstrate her computer game and invite other students to play it.  The president of Microsoft Russia handed her the award and the diploma of the winner!

I liked to create my own Kodu game! It was very enjoyable! I loved the training! Now I'm thinking to learn more about computers and programming to create something interesting and beatifull” Nastya exclaimed.


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