"Volunteering at a library got me motivated!" GOW 2014 story from Lithuania

At a glance

Name: Ričardas Šultonas

Town: Marijampolė    

Age: 19

Occupation: Volunteer

Hobby: Reading, learning, cycling, hiking, astronomy, music

Motto: It will work!


1. What were your favorite subjects at school? And what vision of tomorrow had you at school?

My favorite subject was Biology because it explains everything about human life, evolution, animals  – everything is related to biology. But for many reasons -which I was not able to control. I couldn't learn Bilogoy at school the last few years. Luckily I had an ICT class which was my second most favorite subject at school. I fell in love with technology in my childhood and I always had a vision of working with it in the future.

2. Has it changed? How?

My vision hasn’t changed a lot – I still see my future related to  technology and, who knows, even creating something wonderful the world would remember my name for ages.

3. You took a break after school and before your further studies. So how you spend your time? What made you to start volunteering in the library? What did you find useful while doing this work?

One year after school I decided to live without studying because I wasn’t sure which university to choose – study in Lithuania or somewhere abroad. During this year I wrote a lot of letters to universities, traveled to United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Denmark, evaluated what kind of opprtunities there are in other countries and, finally, decided to stay and study in Lithuania.

Recently I got into a routine of doing the same things every day and it seemed a bit boring to me. So I joined few projects just to have something to do and learn new tricks. Then I got an offer to work as a volunteer to train people use ICT at the local library. I found it as a great opportunity so spend my spare time. I started volunteering and I began to like it. I found many useful activities which were related to technology as well as the valuable practice communicating with people. I learned some new computer skills which, I believe, will come in handy someday.

4. What do you think is most important in seeking for a job? Building a personal career path?

You need the right attitude and a little bit of knowledge related to your wanted job. If you show your capacity and capability to work, sooner or later you will be noticed. The same is with building your own career. Just have some willingness and motivation to do what you are capable of!

5. What role does IT play in your life? Do you see yourself working in the IT sphere?

I can’t imagine my life without IT. Without technology I would be like in the medieval era.  That’s why the goal of my life is to work with it. Fixing computers or any other similar tech like nano or micro components and maybe even chips.

6. What would you say to young people trying to find their own way?

Never give up. I know that life sometimes can be cruel but even in the darkest day there is a little light of hope. The more impossible your dream is the bigger chance it will come true. Have some belief in yourself!

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Comment by Gabriela Ruseva on September 18, 2014 at 14:08

Karolina, I saw this post just now, but I like it very much! Good job and good luck to Langas I Ateiti in encouraging more young people like Ricardas!

Comment by Karolina Jasvinaite on April 28, 2014 at 14:13

Thanks :)

Comment by Unite-IT Manager on April 28, 2014 at 13:59

Excellent post Karolina! Way to go Ricardas!

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