Grundtvig study visit: let's meet e-colleagues in person!

This blog post is a kind of personal letter with several goals.

First of all, it is dedicated to those who need some encouraging to take up the opportunity and participate in the Lifelong Learning programme Grundtvig (and others), to fill a short application, to receive a grant and to go and see great organizations all over Europe, visit friends from the Telecentre-Europe network and share your knowledge! Maybe it can look overbold to write it like this, but my very positive experience enables me to do it. :)

During the winter, I received a grant for a Grundtvig study visit to the Peabody organization in London. The visit was planned on the 15-16 of March so there was enough time to prepare everything properly.

Peabody is an organization with a very wide range of activities. For 150 year already they do social housing and run community centers for the elderly, for the young and the unemployed, and for mentally disabled people - for all those who need care and attention.

The second goal of my post is to thank Iain Shaw, the representative of Peabody, for his time and a lot of interesting and useful information about the organization and the life in London itself. :)

During the visit I was brought to three different community centers to look around, to speak with local people as well as ask questions to the centers’ managers and volunteers. Peabody attracts lots of volunteers. I was pleasantly surprised by such a strong social consciousness of young people who spend plenty of time helping others without any material reward.

It's such a good feeling to meet in personal people who you know only via e-mail!

Thanks once again and good luck guys!

The project is funded by the European Commision. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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