Ion Creanga Technical College in Târgu Neamt joins the ALL DIGITAL WEEK 2019 campaign by organizing an event called "Hai pe net, CTIC!" In this event, 50 students will support simulations for IC3 - Global Standard 5 LICEU exams.

In the 6th grade we chose to program in Scratch.

Scratch is a visual programming environment created specifically for children from the age of 8 years upwards in order to develop their skills for the 21st century. The interface is friendly, with direct access to commands, and its language can be set according to user preferences, as the pseudocode allows writing instructions in the programmer's language. The basics in Scratch are objects, called sprites. Because of the object orientation, the environment allows the creation of interactive animations, games, simulations, etc. Schools can use Scratch to help teachers in materials such as computer science, math, physics, chemistry, music, design, information technology, and so on. But first, users have the opportunity to learn the basics of programming

Class V students were trained in Minecraft programs

 Together with the students of the class we will go through the tutorials available at so that even students who have not developed the code so far can understand in a creative way how they can create in the future, their own products.

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