Maria Brasoveanu, an employee of the Health Care Centre in Crihana Veche, has been frequently using our library since 2004. Being invited to training courses on information and communication technologies, she showed interest in learning new things. The computer and Internet help her feel happy and satisfied, particularly now that she has become a gramndmother. 

Her nephew David-Gabriel is already 10 months old. He lives far away and there is no way for her to be by his side every day. But she found a solution: the Internet, Facebook. „I can see my nephew growing up. This is how I felt the joy of many events of his life: the first tooth, the first step, the first word. As I work in the health care sector, sometimes I advise my daughter Rodica how to take care better of David-Gabriel so that he grows up healthy” , Maria Brasoveanu said.

„In the week „Get online, Moldova!”, I particiopated in the Open-Door Day organized at the library. I told each and everyone  how useful the Internet is and urged them to open a facebook account”, she said.

Thus, the computer and Internet became indisppensable things for Maria Brasoveanu and her family. 

Name: /Maria Cudlenco, Librarian, Public Library Crihana Veche, Cahul District, Republic of Moldova/

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