Helping young individuals build the European Economy

Every generation holds the keys to the future of the economy. Young men and women are the ones with an insatiable hunger to work and create something different. A bright future for themselves and the rest of the world. However, things like the financial crisis are keeping them away from their goals. Nowadays, finding employment is particularly difficult for young people around Europe and around the world.

Young people enhancing the economy

Young people have potentials to enhance the economy and cause a positive impact on the society for the generations to come. Education a major determinant of the human capital. It can increase economic growth and empower the different factors that influence the European capitals since education alone is one of the main factors, forming the European economy.

In order to help young individuals build the European economy, it needs to be certain that they have access to proper education that will turn them into professionals on their respective field. Young men and women without formal education are a vulnerable group for the European society. They have trouble finding employment and the high costs of formal education cannot be covered without a proper income.

Providing education for those people, helping them retrain their current skills, giving them access to social and soft skills and promoting employability are major steps that are being taken all around Europe. Big EU Projects that are being implemented every year, are focused on providing the teaching material needed to help NEETs by promoting them as professionals.

EU Project Organizations to the rescue

The organizations taking part in these projects are major stakeholders that can make a difference for the European Society. Organizations like the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and TDM 2000 International are working together, implementing projects like ‘’ Promoting employability, retraining, social skills of neets –person’’ in order to work close with unemployed NEETs that need help developing their skills and competencies and require access to new knowledge that will enhance their current abilities.

More information on the different EU Projects can be found on all the websites belonging to the organizations ‘’behind the scenes’’ as well as information on how to become a partner on these projects. They are important steps towards the financial growth for the European society as they focus on helping all parties affected. These projects are the right way to help the European Society, in every way possible!

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