How can nonprofits make use of Pinterest?

Pinterest is on the rise and offers huge possibilities for nonprofits to connect with people and their social passions. That’s why I attended Julia Campbell‘s webinar “Pinning for Good – How Nonprofits Can Use Pinterest to Raise Money... organized by GiftWorks, a company that creates fundraising software for nonprofit donation and donor management.

What is Pinterest?

With over 30 million monthly unique visitors, the virtual bulletin board Pinterest is now the fourth most trafficked social networking site in the United States (behind Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) [1]. It is a social media network based on images. People use it for collecting, organizing and sharing things they love – a scrapbook that they put together while surfing the internet [2].

It allows users to create and display boards of interests – an identity through links, pictures, words and ideas [3]. If you find a recipe, a pair of pants, a livingroom set, you can “pin” it to a board and share it with your followers. Similarly, if you see something someone else has ‘pinned’ you can ‘repin’ it to your board [4].

Why is Pinterest so interesting for nonprofits?

Pinterest is aspirational

According to the HuffPost’s Tech Editor Bianca Bosker, Pinterest also symbolizes our aspirations, displaying not ‘who we are’, but ‘who we want to be’. She points to the fact that Pinterest’s success may lie in its ability to change the social media conversation from ‘look at me’ to ‘look at this’: “Too many of our posts come with the silent subtext ‘Here’s how great I am’. On Pinterest, the tone seems to be ‘Wouldn’t this be great?’ “ [5].

“People pin what they desire, what moves them, what they want to be, which creates a total different culture than other social networks. Pinterest is aspirational rather than an off-the-cuff, in-the- moment statement of what we are eating or where we are hanging out”, Julia Campbell states during the webinar.

This makes Pinterest a natural place to share passion and nonprofits can use the social site to connect with people based on their social passions and to convince others of its worth.

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