How Nenasala Telecentre User community Sustain with Using ICT

The Them of project The "Rural knowledge society and ICT Empowerment"

The Them of project The "Rural knowledge society and ICT Empowerment"

Digital local language content competition project {ariwookalanjium}{}

The Back ground of the project

Tamil speaking people need information in Their local language but is limited number of contents can be found in Tamil about Sri Lanka . by this project we hope to increase the number of contents in local language using the facilities of information and communication technology .Ultimately local people will be able to get the information in their language ,according their need.
Tamil speaking people will be able to collect digital information in their language .

Involvement of community Beneficiaries.

The community will be involved in the project by submitting content for the competition .the community also will be benefited reading when the content are published .Thur the project we hope to divide the digital gap among the rural community .also to build the knowledge society .with ict empowerment. the pilot project we are implementing haldummulla nenasla telecentre community and school students. an e- learning.and most importantly the community participation is a key factor for the sauces of the project. sustainability of the project at the end of the project the Tamil speaking community will be able to collect information in Tamil about sri lanka in Tamil language .therefore the readership will be improved where the Nenasala will get many users then ever more .then the Nenasla telecentre will get higher in come and will help for the sustainability of the proposed project.

The Project Iimplemented By

"Ariwoo Kalanjiyam" implemented by Nensala Haldummulla with ICTA e-SDI partnership assistance grant of Capacity Building {}

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