As jobseekers we all know the importance of Linkedin, but how are companies using the network to recruit employees? The curtains were lifted at a recent round table in Barcelona among HR managers, headhunters & networking professionals active on the Spanish labour market.

Most employers use the premium version, which enables them to post job announcements but also use powerful filters to shortlist possible candidates based on a certain location, a certain company they’ve worked for, etc. Important: you need at least 50 first grade contacts before these filters present your profile to any employer!

Ana Léon: “Next to filtering, we also look into certain groups related to the competences we are looking for. Or the other way around: we check the groups a certain profile is subscribed to and scan the most interesting persons over there.”

Verònica Platas: “90% of the positions today are filled through contacts. We even stopped announcing on job portals. I always first go to LinkedIn to check a person that was referenced to me, even before googling the person’s name and checking his or her Facebook profile. It’s very important to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and have 4 lines in your summary that explain very well who you are. Here, you should also use words that position you in the search engines for the kind of job you are looking for.”

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