How to connect sport, health, tourism and youth using ICT tools?

Our "O-IKT (Sport – Health – Tourism – Youth), ROHU161" project was very interesting and special. It moved on a wide scale. In addition to the orienteering run and a healthy life, it also aims to promote cultural values. Particular emphasis is placed on involving and training young people.

The project is winner of the #ROHUcreativetogether contest, in the #youthcooperation category – sports generation.




DTE - Hungary - main applicant, For Orienteering Foundation (TFA) - Hungary and the touristic association Condor Club Arad  (CCA) -Romania

The aims of the project are:

-to create some touristic centre for orienteering sports by creating maps for orienteering sporting activities

-trainings  for map correctors with up-to-date practice-oriented methods and using a drons,

-to organize webinars, involving the local population including IT trainings,

-to create a sports promotion and tourism portal about these areas, based on the local values researched

- to provide and promote modern technical gadgets, GPS and measuring instruments, mapping software, basic SportIdent set and event.

Some of the main results of the project are:

The collection of crucial touristic, public values in connection ( interviews, pictures and shoot films).

Webinar with aim to educate and inform the target group about the newly developed orienteering areas, and to involve rural areas into digital development. Topics of webinars are:

-Community building devices:Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Online magazine, social video, storytelling, media commando

-Remote teamwork tools: doodle, google drive, calendar, basecamp, webinar, prezi

-Google for nonprofit, Facebook advertising, using QR Code and the role of the Digital Invasion in promoting local values

-Innovative hiking, orienteering running apps (MapRun, Mobo, GPS Orienteering, Drallo, Blue Hiking, Hiking on the land, water, two wheels), Online Games, Board Games in Orienteering run. Orienteering Games (

Orienteering map correction training. During the training the participants acquired the methods of map correction and the steps of map drawing by software and hardware devices. Images made by a their drone were also used in this process.

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