How to disseminate the MIREIA survey? Best practices from Poland!

According to the MIREIA guidelines, there should be 180 filled questionnaires by e-inclusion actors from Poland. We attained this target on 5th February, almost two weeks before the deadline :-)


In Poland telecentres function in different kind of institutions: libraries, NGOs, cultural centres, offices of local government units, voluntary fire brigades.

One of the regions established telecentres even at police stations (as you can guess, these telecentres don't attract many voluntary users).


Nobody really knows how many they are and how many really provide e-inclusion activites. There are about 8500 public libraries operating in Poland, but not all of them offer public internet access. Since 2005, about 2000 telecentres  have been created  within 5 large networks funded with EU funds, but a number stopped functioning after the end of funding.

Probably, there are a dozen hundreds of other telecentres created by regional and local government units. The new Ministry of Administration and Digital Affairs has recognised this challenge and began an inventory of telecenters.

MIREIA dissemination

In our disseminaton efforts for the MIREIA survey, we tried to reach all those telecentres:

  • The announcement about the MIREIA mapping appeared on the most popular portals visited by librarians:
  • The information was included in the January's e-newsletters edited by: FRSI, and the Polish Federation of NGOs
  • We contacted the informational society departments/units of each regional government office (there are 16 regions in Poland) – with a request to disseminate information about the survey to the telecentres operating in their regions
  • We contacted also the headquarters of the telecentre networks (as the above mentionned Mathematicians Foundation or the Warminsko-Mazurskie region government) with a request to call their telecentres to fill out the survey.

All this appeared not to be enough and we risked not to have enough filled surveys. Therefore, direct mailing was necessary and in the last week of January we have sent e-mails to:

  • All public libraries in Poland (through FRSI's own database)
  • Telecentres operating at voluntary fire brigades (through a public database, unfortunately most of the e-mail addressed occured to be unactual)
  • Telecentres operating at local government offices  - created within the Communal Information Centres project of the Ministry of Labour (comments on the database and e-mail addresses as above)
  • Selected NGOs known for their e-inclusion activities

As a result, in more than one week we observed an enormous increase in the number of filled surveys.

All this wouldn't have been possible without the engagment of our partners and the telecentres itselves.

Thank you!

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