How to disseminate the MIREIA survey? Best practices from Spain!

As Spain has already reached about 50% (111/250) of the targeted responses of the MIREIA survey, Telecentre-Europe asked us to give an overview of our dissemination efforts, so to inspire our European colleagues with some of our practices.

Network of networks

First of all: the MIREIA branch for Spain (the Community Association of Telecentre Networks - CATN) is a network of regional telecentre networks and groups around 8000 national telecentres. So we already had a good organizational structure in place to start from and we used a two layer structure: at first, the message was broadcasted by the Technical Secretariat of CATN and after, our regional partners conducted their own outreach campaign among their network of contacts.

2 phase "buzzing"

  • We started to "buzz" MIREIA somewhere around mid December, immediately after we signed the dissemination agreement. So even before the survey was launched online.
    We made up a .pdf document which described the project and named the benefits of participating in the survey (based on TE's call for partnership), and distributed the document through all our channels.
  • Once the survey was launched, on January 2nd, we jumped upon the earlier created expectation and made a second round of dissemination through our channels, this time with the Spanish translation of the survey online and ready to be filled!

Channel mix & frequency

These are the dissemination channels we're using:


We hope this was useful and good luck to all MIREIA partners!

» Choose your language & FILL THE SURVEY BEFORE FEBRUARY 15th, 2013


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