How to reduce telecentre costs and management challenges

I suspect some of you have already read about NComputing. The company
has a ground breaking solution to computer challenges telecentres face.
Its simple to deploy, compatible with standard software, highly
efficient - consuming 95% less electricity than a typical PC and
significantly easier to manage and cheap (starting at around $70 per

Ncomputing solution is based on the fact that today's PCs are so
powerful that the vast majority of applications only use a small
fraction of the computer's capacity - because PCs are also expensive to
buy and operate, they are major concern for telecentre sustainability -
which makes it a practical help to telecentres. NComputing's
virtualisation software and hardware tap this unused capacity so that it
can be simultaneously shared by multiple users. It turns one unit into a
multi-user system of up to thirteen. Each terminal gets NComputing
"access device" that connects the keyboard, mouse and monitor back to
the PC, displaying their own desktop session, just as if they had their
own computer. Over 1 million sets have been deployed in schools,
telecentres, offices and small businesses over the last 2 years, with
more than 50% in developing nations.

NComputing has dealers in more than 100 countries, there could be one
around your town. Check out the map at:

I encourage you take a lot at this solution and assess how it could help
to increase productivity in your networks and telecentres. It would also
help national telecentre programs do more with less resources. If you
have questions, contact a local Ncomputing vendor (see the link

Ncomputing is working with to implement a couple of pilot
setup in telecentres in 2-3 countries in the next few months. This will
help us learn more and demonstrate the importance of this solution to
telecentre community - additional info on this later on

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Comment by Pawel Makowiecki on February 22, 2009 at 5:00
Thnx for sharing this Meddie, it really looks very interesting...

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