TEA – one of the most popular drinks in the Eurasian countries, which is especially loved during the cold gloomy fall days because it warms us up, unites friends around one table and help resolve all the issues.

And I think it is quite symbolic that during the two rainy days in Chisinau, Moldova, a new community of Eurasian telecentres was being shaped. Telecentre.org, Telecentre-Europe (TE) will hopefully be enriched with - Telecentre-EurAsia – TEA.

(That is not the official name, I just like the abbreviation :))

On October 18-19, 2010 about 30 telecentre and telecentre network leaders as well as experts and representatives from E-inclusion programs gathered in Chisinau to discuss innovative approaches to telecentre sustrainability.The event was organized by IREX and telecentre.org. Participants from Moldova, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia,and Romania shared their experiences in developing outreach and sustainability strategies as well as explored the idea of the community networking website to enable knowledge sharing among Eurasian telecentres.

The most exciting part for me and our network is that telecentre.org is eager to support the web-based Russian-language resource of innovative and sustainable best practices for use by Eurasian telecentre networks and partners. Russian is known to the majority of the population in Eurasia, so we hope that it will serve as the networking platform, which will enable telecentre administrators, trainers and coordinators to learn from each other, share resources and develop joint projects.

While having lots of tea and coffee, participants brainstormed on the shape, purpose, objectives of the new community and the networking platform as well as on outreach and visibility approaches.

Stay tuned for the news. I will be happy to serve as the connection point between the two

So how would we like our TEA?

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Comment by Ian Clifford on October 23, 2010 at 19:52
Earl Grey with milk, no sugar(I'm sweet enough already)! Sounds excellent Katia, I know we can learn from each other, but please let us know how else we can help? Very happy to support the development ot TEA, and think it complements TE perfectly!

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