The place where WIFI can be found easier than water

Did you know that Lithuania has one of the fastest internet in the world? Moreover, WIFI can be found easier than water? You can find it not just in the coffeeshops or malls but in the public transport or just in the middle of the street. 

Probably, now you are thinking that everyone in Lithuania is using the Internet, as it is so easy to do it. Well, the numbers are not so exciting. About 20 % of Lithuanians have never used the Internet and 30% have just  basic skills. Fortunately, the change for the better in near future is expected.

How “Connected Lithuania” will connect the country?

On April 2018 project “Connected Lithuania: safe, effective and responsible Lithuanian digital community” was launched in the country. The main aim is to help Lithuanians that are still not using ICT to discover Internet and its opportunities. Finally, our relatives will be able to follow our life on Facebook, and a loyal 'likers' group will be created!

We have just 3 years ahead of us, and this is our plan:

  • a unique network of digital leaders and a e-scouts (volunteers) will be created;
  • 750 local communities will be invited to participate in project activities;
  • activities will take place in 1,200 public internet access points in libraries (in cities and rural areas);
  • 10,000 consulting and training events will be organized with 100,000 participants;
  • various information campaigns will be organized to reach target groups;
  • training materials will be developed to achieve these goals.

Certainly, the project "Connected Lithuania" will encourage the society to use ICT more actively.

It is planned that by the year 2023 the number of active Internet users will reach up to 87%, and the number of electronically provided public and administrative services users will increase to 60%.

First meeting with local communities

We have participated in the traditional Association of Lithuanian Rural Communities Summit “Inspired by Century -  ALRC Summit 2018" on June 15-17.  More than 1,000 participants from 27 municipalities of Lithuania participated.

We have met with a very important target group of the project - representatives of local communities. We believe that in order to stay in touch for a three-year period, it is necessary to meet face-to-face and talk.

After the event we feel one step closer to our goal and much more connected!

The team

The project is implemented by Information Society Development Committee under the Ministry of Transport and Communications and partners: The Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania; M. Mažvydas National Library; Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, and Association “Langas į ateitį”.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the budget of the Republic of Lithuania.

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