ICTSkills4All trainee from Poland shares her experience

Jadwiga from the city of Lodz, Poland, made the first steps in using smartphone and gained some basic skills how to operate computer and internet as part of the ICTSKills4All project raining.

ICTSkills4All is an Erasmus+ Project that aims to explore and test innovative practices and effective approaches for educational programme design and delivery, to support the acquisition of digital skills among 55+ aged citizens who have limited or no digital knowledge. Pilot training activities were happening during 2020 in Latvia, Poland, Portugal, and the UK in different circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic - some managed to still do it face-to-face, others had to move all the training online.

Jadwiga was one of the participants in the ICTSkills4All training organised face-to-face by the Polish partners of the project - HIPOKAMP Association. HIPOKAMP is a Centre for Intergenerational Integration, focused on the activities for the seniors and developed with them, according to their expectations and capabilities. They are involved in a lot of groups of interest as well as local and governmental authorities, dealing with the goal of “active and healthy ageing”.

Check this blogpost to learn how HIPOKAMP organised the training and what they have observed.

A few months after the training, Magdalena Poulain, ICT educational assistant, and Grazyna Busse, gerontology expert and ICTSkills4All project coordinator, talked with one of their trainees - Jadwiga - on the phone to learn whether the training has helped her and how.

In this interview Jadwiga is talking about her experiences, also in the context of the specific lockdown situation.

- We would like to talk about our educational ICT activities with you and ask whether it was helpful and useful. Do you still use these skills and information?

I can use for example the online banking now. To tell you the truth, my friend came to help me with that, but still. And I can be in touch with my children via Messenger. 

- And you are using the new phone now – can you do this without any problem?

Well, I still have some problems, you know

- Which skills do you find the most useful for you?

- Using Messenger for talking with children, also checking the timetables for public transport on the smartphone.

- You can plan the trip, right?

- Yes-yes

- We learned also how to take and save pictures and then send them to other persons. Can you do that?

-  Yes, I did! And I sent pictures to my children!

- Do you also use smartphone for online medical consulting and e-prescriptions?

- Yes, I do that now! I should have used that opportunity earlier!

- Better late than never

- Exactly!

- Would you take part in some other courses, if we organise those in future?

- Yes, I’d love to!

- What topics would you be mostly interested in? We can consider your suggestions to prepare such lessons.

- Well, I can’t manage many pages that appear on the screen. I don’t know how to close them.

- Is it when a lot of ads appear?

- Yes, and these ads are very naughty sometimes!... and I would also like to create my page (- profile on Facebook) to be able to talk to others, but just to my children, not with many other people, I wouldn’t like that!

If you want to learn more about the training, partners' experience, methodology, join us on 10 February for the event "Empowering Older People for the Digital World"



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