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Press Release of ONE project in relation to ONE Conference Brussels 2014 – Policy (R)Evolution & Every European Digital

ONE project/EPMA, Brussels/Prague, April 24, 2014: More than 120 representatives from different EU regions have come to the ONE Conference Brussels 2014 to share experiences about ICT enabled innovations in their regions.  The event is organized by EPMA, dissemination partner of the ONE project – Observatory Network to Enhance ICT Structural Funds Absorption (co-financed by the INTERREG IVC and ERDF), The ONE Conference facilitates a joint effort of EU partners to build links between information networks and ICT Observatories aiming to reach ambitious common objectives of Europe 2020.


Member States and regions are rolling out the next generation of EU programmes for growth in the context of the radical reform of EU Regional Policy. The data-driven economy can provide Europe with a chance to emerge from the multifaceted crisis with new capabilities. Are Europeans ready for the Data Revolution? Are politicians able to make informed choices and manage changes? 

The Director of ONE Conference from EPMA, Irina Zalisova, said: “European national and regional governments are now shaping a new Strategic Policy Framework for Digital Growth, which should be based on evidence and set objectives that will make it possible to measure them against the Digital Agenda for Europe scoreboard indicators. The ONE Conference provides evidence, that the e-generation of interconnected citizens is breaking old silos in all spheres of public life, and that Public Administrations have to be equipped with Knowledge, Common Sense and Policy Intelligence to better manage recurrent changes.”

The issue of mainstreaming digital benefits was discussed by experts from public administration and business during the warming up plenary, while ICT trends and European Policies were introduced by representatives of the European Commission and selected national administrations. It has become evident, that the new programming period brings new investment budgets for Member States that are seeking synergies between Regional Policy and Horizon 2020 in order to maximize their innovation opportunities with the use of ICT.

Issued by EPMA,

Explanatory notes:

ICT Observatory – An ICT Observatory is a set of tools and activities, not necessary administratively combined, for support of policy making and evaluation activities on ICT matters. A regional ICT Observatory can be a good practical example of using Policy Intelligence approach for the management of innovation processes driven by ICT diffusion and usage inside a regional socioeconomic system.

Policy Intelligence approach is a holistic, complexity inspired way of taking into account new technological and social challenges and changes of public-private interactions. The Policy Intelligence approach is wider, than a set of Business Intelligence tools, which are included, and also goes beyond such intelligence methods as Technology Forecasting, Technology Assessment and Technology Foresight.

EPMA – European & Project Management Agency (CZ), co-founded by the Vysocina Region, is the main organiser of the ONE Conference as the dissemination partner of the ONE project,

Piedmont Region is the Coordinator of the ONE project,

INTERREG IVC is the Interregional Cooperation Programme, financed by the ERDF, helping regions of Europe to work together to share experiences and good practices in the areas of innovation, knowledge economy, environment and risk prevention,

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