Inclusion as a benefit of digital inclusion

During the Get online week 2012, fifth grade students from primary school “Vasil Glavinov” visited association Open the windows and for the first time had an opportunity to talk and associate with peers with disability. As one of the girls said: “Together with my friends from my grade and teacher visited the association Open the Windows. I spent a very good time there. I had a chance to be with peers with disabilities and to see how they are working on the computer. I was delighted and I wish to visit the association again and also to be with their beneficiaries.”
Beneficiaries from Open the windows presented their power point projects and together with students discussed on their favourite topics and interests according the computer. They talked about their favourite games, what they do on internet and also how they use computer and internet to do their home works. As one of the students said: “I spend a very good time, we discussed about that what we do on the computer and how we use it, discussed about computer games, I said that I want to play games with cars and also we worked on computer together.”
In cheerful atmosphere the students were invited to the Centre for Assistive Technology where beneficiaries are working on accessible computers. Together one by one they fill the Get online week 2012 form. In those activities there were no differences, no limitations, and no disability. Computers offered equal opportunities for everyone for the students with and without disabilities. The students from “Vasil Glavinov” were very interested to use the computer with assistive devices for the first time, colourful big button keyboard attracted their attention, and they also wanted to fill the form by using the Joystick and Trackball as a computer mouse. The Open the Windows’s beneficiaries were proud that they can show and tell more about how they use the computer to their peers from “Vasil Glavinov”.
When they filled the form on Internet they listened and sang their favourite songs on Youtube. Everyone was happy and with a smile on their face, it was really joyful atmosphere. The opinion of one of the students from “Vasil Glavinov” for the benefit of the computer to the children with special needs was: “I think that children with special needs can gain new information and knowledge and that is very positive influence toward them. They can learn the same than we learn and because of that we shouldn’t make differences between us. ”
After using the computer all the students and beneficiaries getter together and with a coke, some refreshment, music they discussed about their interests, how they spent their free time, what they learn on school, their favourite music and TV series. They also together viewed the magazines prepared by Open the Windows’s beneficiaries, read their stories and saw their photos. The students were very impressed of that what they had a chance to see on their visit. They also gave some presents- handmade prepared to the beneficiaries as a remembering gift and also invited all of them to visit their school. At the end they exchanged their e-mails and Skype to be in communication. One of the students said: “My opinion for my new friends is positive, they are polite, smart and know how to work on the computer. They accept me very nice and we associated and talked together, although they are children with special needs I associate with them as I associate with my friends from the grade. I have loved and make friends with them.”

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