Currently association Langas I Ateiti is in the process of nice initiative in Lithuania. Together with organizations “Save the children”, “Gordian Knot” as well as socially responsible IT Company “CSC Baltic” Langas I Ateiti is developing entrepreneurship skills to foster home leavers, 16-18 y.o. children. The idea of this project is to provide children with useful knowledge, skills and self-confidence for independent life after leaving their current residency.

Saturday sessions are made of three parts: (1) topics on soft skills – public speaking, creativity, time management, planning and prioritizing, online reputation; (2) entrepreneurship – basics of business planning and recognition of the competitors, useful tools and tips of advertising online, cloud computing, etc. The third part is a workshop. Project participants bind colorful bracelets which later will be showcased in the “Save the children” e-shop and after the purchase the earned money will be split and shared with its author. Participants will have an opportunity to attend the concrete bracelets’ production and marketing chain and see how it works from the very beginning till the money in the pocket.

The lecturers for this project were invited according to their ability keep things simple during the lectures and liberal attitude to teenagers. They talk the language the audience understands, run interactive lectures, and all together listen to music loudly during the breaks. This approach determines perfect attendance from all four foster homes as well as very good feedback.

This half year initiative is very rich in its well-built organizational partnership and ideological people working for it. Hopefully, this project will be influential in teenagers’ lives.

>> More photos are available here.

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