Information Technology is Opening Up New Avenues for Deaf People

For most kids at the Kaliningrad boarding school for deaf and hard of hearing children, the first language is Sign Language.  However, they have no trouble discovering the world of information technology, mainly because this world is deaf-friendly.

On 31 March 2019, as part of European ALL DIGITAL Week, the Kaliningrad IT for Youth center team conducted an ICT Career Guidance Training for hearing impaired youngsters.

Choosing the right career path and finding the perfect job isn’t always easy, and it is a real challenge for people with disabilities. The training aimed at showing participants that being deaf should not keep people from finding a satisfying career and encouraging youngsters to learn more about information technology and take up a career in ICT sphere.

Twenty students aged 14 to 16, together with the IT for Youth center trainer and their sign language interpreter discussed a lot of essential questions about ICT-related jobs. They identified important factors to consider when choosing a career path, reviewed the situation with ICT job opportunities in Russia, looked at the job-hunting websites and saw quite a few options to choose from.  The participants learned about a great variety of creative and lucrative technology-based jobs for the hearing–impaired and explored opportunities of distance education.

The positive feedback from the students showed that the training proved to be really helpful and motivating by granting them a chance to learn about ICT jobs, develop their confidence and skills that are necessary to excel in the technologically-advanced world and spark their interest to the ICT sphere.

The seminar proved to be helpful for me”, a 16-year-old student shared his opinion about the event, “it pushed me to the Information technology. I’ve never thought about the job opportunities in IT sphere, and I see now there are a great number of IT jobs that don't rely on the need to hear”.

 “It was a very inspiring training! Our trainer convinced me that all people are equal and talented enough to go for their dreams. I believe now that I will be able to find MY job!” 

"For people with disabilities, it is especially important to find their place to lead successful lives. I am very much interested in Information Technology. I’m sure my future profession in the IT sphere will allow me to make an interesting career and find my own niche in life."

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