Innovative uses of technology and information to connect funders to communities

EFC, Foundation Week: 1st June 2010, Brussels:

TechSoup organised a great panel discussion that lead into a really thought-provoking open discussion on the channels between communities and funders. Funders, and communities, need to be aware of the tech-driven changing marketplace and respond accordingly. Recovering the economy is only one part of the equation, the social side must not get lost in that, but communities need to be much sharper in being able to demonstrate measurable impact, as foundations have a responsibility to ensure that their resources are used well. Meeting deep-seated social needs head-on requires collaboration and partnership, and a new openness of thinking. Its not all about big numbers though(although big numbers help). Measuring social impact can probably only be done effectively in collaboration, and then being able to benchmark that requires a co-ordination that is not yet in place. Also important is making sure that there is a sustainable legacy that follows any intervention, while often the focus is on creating the splash, without any means of sustaining that wave afterward.

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