InterConnection – TCF’s new eco-friendly partner offers low-cost hardware solutions for telecentres

Yes, you read it right. Foundation has a new partner, InterConnection, and the latter is not just another ordinary nonprofit organization offering equally ordinary services. What sets it apart are its focus on refurbishing computers for charitable reuse and its commitment to the highest standards for clean, green computer recycling and disposing of parts and peripherals.

TCF and InterConnection have recently joined hands to select and develop the most appropriate low-cost, low-maintenance, high-quality computer hardware solutions for telecentres. From “telecentre-in-a-box” solutions to low-cost laptops and desktops,  a variety of products are available through InterConnection’s online store, and all organizations referred by TCF will get an automatic 10% discount on orders above $100.

Below is a list of products offered by TCF and InterConnection:

To find out more about these products, simply click on the above image or access

InterConnection also specializes in exporting computers to any destination in the world. Bulk purchase discounts are also available.  Rates vary according to the quantity ordered and final destination.  

Led by its Founder and Director Charles Brennick, InterConnection is a US-based organization which, apart from making information and communication technology accessible to underserved communities around the world by providing refurbished computers to nonprofits and non-governmental organizations, is also offering a way for people and businesses to safely and charitably dispose of their used computer equipment and other electronic assets. Watch this short video to find out more about what InterConnection does and how it actually works:

For queries regarding the telecentre-in-a-box technology, email and make sure to mention “Telecentre” in the subject line.

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