International Aid Network from Serbia wins ex-aequo First Prize of the Telecentre-Europe Awards 2012

The Jury of the Telecentre-Europe Awards 2012 has awarded the International Aid Network (Serbia) with a second FIRST prize - ex aequo with the Learn More about ICT Network (Denmark).

FIRST PRIZE of 1200€ ex aequo with Denmark
International Aid Network (Serbia)

represented by Ivan Stojilovic

In a first phase, the Jury had decided not to score Serbia's entries as they did not appear on the automatic feed of the "Latest Community Activity". But this feed appears not to be very stable and thus not a reliable control mechanism. Therefore, the Jury has revised its decision and considered Serbia's entries as eligible for scoring.

Underneath are the scoring results for Serbia, ending up ex aequo with the Learn More about ICT Network (Denmark) as a winner of the FIRST prize of 1200€:

Serbia: International Aid Network (14,83/20)

Report from the jury:

The International network posted 3 blogposts, so already made a good chance of being among the top 3. But apart from that, most of the blogging guidelines were followed up very well: the posts were concise, they used good english, used quotes and put them into italic, they wrote comprehensive sentences and all blogposts contained links to organizations & projects. All blogposts also contained pictures, although none of them were of a good size.

In 2 of the 3 blogposts the text was structured logical and paragraph titles were added. Only the blogpost ICT for women empowermentdid not contain paragraph titles and the logical structure wasn’t that good. One paragraph contained a description of one of the funding activities and interrupted the description of the project, so the editor placed this paragraph into a right sided column.

As for the total editing time, this varied between 45min & 30min, mainly because of layouting & resizing the pictures and because of putting 1 paragraph into a right column.

Two extra points were scored for the blogposts Silver Surfers conquer new spaces and ICT in a prison, as each embedded  a related video.

As for the European impact,  ICT in a prison was born as the result of  exchanging experiences within the European Telecentre Europe network, and an example of how initiatives can be replicated among other European countries. So far, the local impact of this initiative seems to be limited to only one prison, but can undoubtedly be replicated to other prisons.

As for the European impact of Silver Surfers conquer new spaces , the project was set up in the frame of the European Year for Active Aging and Solidarity Among Generations and supported by the Digital Agenda Administration, The local impact was not limited to Belgrade, as 115 seniors from 8 towns participated in the project.

The third post ICT for women empowerment only refers to the Serbian context, but some elements of the project could easily be replicated Europe-wide. As for the local impact, this seemed to be limited to Belgrade.

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