Is e-Inclusion really worth investing in?

This builds on my earlier post ("Winners and losers"). The question was addressed yesterday to Mr. Craig R. Barrett in the Plenary session. With the painful awareness of current financial and economic difficulties behind, Mr. Barrett said that, based on the three success stories which had just been presented on stage, multimplied by millions world wide, the answer would unashamedly be YES. No matter how good an ideea is, he added, there will always be detractors. But I have a principle: always leave detractors the possibility to opt out. And we should perhaps do that with the electronic doctors. If they want to opt out of, say, remote diagnosis for elderly, let them do so. The idea will still be good for 99% of the people and that is what ultimately counts.

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Comment by Sergiu Dema on January 9, 2009 at 18:54
I think it is :)

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