It is Not Just About Books – 30,000 Lithuanians Discovered the Advantages of the Internet in the Local Library

At the end of 2019 it has been announced that in eight months over 30, 000 adult participants took part in CONNECTED LITHUANIA digital literacy training in public libraries. Trainings were offered to non-users and unskillful users, and the oldest participant was a 92-year-old library visitor!

Free digital skills training in public libraries is a unique opportunity to local community citizens to acquire important skills for job and for life. Last year we reached great results - over 30,000 participants voluntarily without any pressure were motivated and attended the training. Absolute majority were of the middle age and older. It is noteworthy that four out of every five participants were women," said Loreta Križinauskienė, the managing director of the association “Langas į ateitį”.

According to the statistics, 82% of the 16-74 year olds were Internet users in 2019. However, the group of 55-64 had 70% of Internet users and the group of 65-74 - only 40% of Internet users.

The latter groups showed the highest participation rate in CONNECTED LITHUANIA digital literacy training. Participants between 51 and 65 years old made up the largest share – 42%, while those over 65 years old - 27%.

76% are afraid to ask for help

According to “TNS Atlas” survey, 78.3% of respondents state that lifelong learning and continuous self-development is very important for them. However, it is not that easy to engage in a new learning initiative as new things bring the fear of failure, feeling incompetent or being judged by others, if we aren’t good at something. Moreover, it's a near-certainty that at some point you will need to ask for help and it is something many people have trouble doing.

According to the autumn survey requested by the project CONNECTED LITHUANIA, as high as 76% of residents in Lithuania have difficulty and are embarrassed when asking for help with smart devices, apps and the internet. As a result of the survey, social media communication campaign #I’mNotAshamedToAsk was recently launched to help alleviate the issue. The campaign aims to encourage people to seek help and ask questions and get answers discovering free digital literacy training classes in public libraries all around the country.

It is usual to ask family members for help with smart devices. However, not every family has a technology savvy person with teaching skills. We have noticed an increasing number of kids and grandkids who register their parents and grandparents for digital literacy training. “Langas į ateitį” staff hope to reduce their fear of making mistakes and to increase their self-confidence as well as of thousands other courses participants. Till the end of 2020 project CONNECTED LITHUANIA aims to train 100,000 people through free digital literacy courses in public libraries across the country.


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