It´s time to discover skills again!

Another year, another youth employability workshop in the German National Olympic Training Centre in Kienbaum!

ike last year, the Stiftung Digitale Chancen and  Christian Schenk, who won 1988 the gold medal in the decathlon during the olympic games held in Seoul, South Korea, and his youth camp organisation 'Erkenne deine Stärken' (Discover your Skills) organised a collaborative workshop to help young people discovering their skills with YouRock.Jobs.

The workshop was embedded in a recruitment event for a plumbers organisation, a profession, which is widely believed to be a non-digitalized one. 
In reality, plumbers need to be highly digitalized in our times, that´s why this is a great example for the increasing necessity for young people to acquire e-skills in a broader context.

We are happy, that it was possible to have this event again in this nice olympic training location and we will go on engaging in this field.

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