IT turned me into a successful entrepreneur!

"Till 2011, I managed my business through a self-educating approach and in an old fashion way. At the end of 2011, I decided to 'take a leap' in the XXI century!”  says Lucia Gorcea, one of the 265 beneficiaries of the ICT & Rural Entrepreneurship Project, implemented by EOS Foundation Romania in partnership with Civitas Foundation.  

Rural entrepreneurship courses

In Romania, the rural population accounts for 45.1% of the total population and represents approximately 9.7 million inhabitants.

The disparities between the rural and urban areas cause specific social problems at the rural area: the number of jobs is very low, and the risk of poverty is more than double: 42% in rural areas compared to 18% in urban areas. Also, 2/3 of the total poor population lives in rural areas.

That's why the partners have identified a major need to give professional orientation for people at rural areas and in small urban communities. They created a training package dedicated to the development of both entrepreneurial and ICT skills, to enable rural people to set up their own business in the communities where they are living.

Lucia Gorcea's business

After finalizing the training course, Lucia Gorcea managed to set up a modernized and a more efficient & productive business in delivering fresh & cooked meals to elderly that are institutionalized and to children that are at school.

She now combines her passion for cooking with IT technologies (Online ordering, Accounting on the computer, Website) & entrepreneurship skills (Marketing Basics, Business plan development, Communication, How to establish a company). The raw material for her business comes from her own production and for additional suppliers, the basic selection criterion is compliance with organic production.

"Till 2011, I managed my business through a self-educating approach and in an old fashion way. At the end of 2011, I decided to “take a leap” in the XXI century!” says Lucia Gorcea after she finished the training courses and put into practice the things that she learned.

Like her, 265 people managed to develop and start small businesses in their rural communities. The entire community now benefits from that, as they contribute to the economic development of the region.

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