ITU & TCF launch partnership to support Youth Employment & Youth Entrepreneurship

On the occasion of the Connect Americas Summit held from 17-19 July, 2012, in Panama City, Panama, Mr Brahima Sanou, Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Mr Miguel Raimilla, Executive Director of Foundation (TCF) have announced the launch of a new partnership to support social inclusion and the successful integration of young people into the job market.

The partnership will also seek to increase youth entrepreneurship, especially in micro and small businesses which can leverage the use of ICTs. Initial activities will be largely focused on the Latin America and Caribbean Region.

Under this new partnership, ITU and TCF will collaborate to develop and deliver curricula aimed at increasing young people’s skills in the areas of digital literacy, effective communication, professionalism and personal development.

The partnership will address the challenges of integrating young people into the employment market by providing them with appropriate skills and knowledge and promoting self-development to help them find employment or create their own businesses.

ITU and TCF will jointly develop the “Youth Employment and Youth Entrepreneurship” training program and curricula. ITU will also translate the curricula into three United Nations official languages.

TCF, through its regional and national members, will make telecentres available to young people, in particular those from disadvantaged socio-economic environments, and will use its proven expertise in the delivery of training by telecentre managers.

The partners will also establish learning and evaluation mechanisms to ensure the participating youth achieve the targeted skills and employment or entrepreneurship objectives.

ITU and TCF will also join forces to mobilize resources and attract additional public and private sector partners to expand the range of training and employment and business opportunities. As a result, the Directorate General of Telecommunications and Information Society of the Government of Catalonia has already expressed their intent to join this initiative.

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