Telecentre Europe Awards 2016 Entry: e-Facilitator

Ivana Taverni

Country: Italy

City/Town: Modena

Work Place: Comitato di Sant Damasio

Position: e-facilitator

Years in service in current organization: 4

Years in service as e-facilitator: 4

People supported/trained70

Nominated by:  Dr Grazia Guermandi, project manager, Regione Emilia-Romagna


The e-facilitators Group of the "Comitato di Sant Damasio" has started its activity in Modena in 2007. The facilitation activity takes place in the civil center three times a week (h 9-12), with individual sessions and short digital literacy courses. The centre is run by a group of 7 e-facilitators on a voluntary basis. The main motivation of the association is to promote the knowledge of new technologies among people with no digital skills. The mail activities are teaching and advising citizens on a “one-to-one” facilitating sessions. The citizens attending the service are elderly people from 60 up to 80 years old, caregivers and immigrants.

Ivana Taverni is one of the leaders of the centre; she also works in collaboration with the regional project “Pane e Internet” in the training of other e-facilitators. Last year Ivana Taverni has participated in several webinars with the role of senior facilitator.


The voluntary group organize several inclusion activities such as:

  • individual sessions of facilitation
  • collective sessions on the use of digital tools to interact with the public administration (digital medical files, use of online digital services of the city of Modena, self-certification procedures, ho to get free eBooks, how to use librarian services)
  • collective digital literacy courses (the courses were free for the participants). They have used educational tools provided by Bread & Internet project for delivering the digital literacy courses. 

The learning resources are organized on the base of the DigComp’s view of digital competence, there are two types of materials for the digital literacy courses:

  • “Books”, which have an introductory function to a new topic
  • “Guided practices”, which explain “how things work”.

The "Sant Damasio" group has collected the interviews of the citizens attending their activitiesin in a booklet entitled "Computer for us".


Ivana speaks English and she participated in a 100-hour online course run by the "University of the Philippines" aimed at training digital educators.

The facilitators group have gained a high level of methodological and communication skills through their participation in several training activities in the last few years such as:

  • a blended course of e-facilitator held by the Regione Emilia-Romagna in Modena in 2012
  • a training laboratory for creating the community of the e-facilitator 2013-2014
  • a 24 hours blended course for performing the role of digital facilitator, organized by the Regione Emilia-Romagna in 2016: they attended all the training activities and participated in the online community of e-facilitators hosted on the

Ivana in particular has participated in the workshop of the project “Pane e Internet” on the use of the European DIGCOMP framework and she has contributed to the revision of the “Digital Literacy” project.


Ivana Taverni, as e-facilitator, has made a special effort in training citizens in the use of public services in the health sector - she has trained elderly people in using “digital medical files”. This system is available for the Emilia-Romagna citizens, it is free. The regional government is promoting its use, but only a minority of citizens have access to it. The help of Ivana in promoting its usage has been particularly relevant in the city of Modena.

The citizens who have been trained to use the “digital medical file” have learned how to manage their medical information and records. They have significantly changed their attitudes and behaviours in dealing with medical issues, and they are now able to interact differently with their doctors and the health system. 

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