You might have noticed it: since June 15 some community members were announced as Featured Members at the top of the homepage of this community site.

I know - this Featured Member Contest hasn't been announced, as it kind of happened 'organically': I wanted to highlight our members' activity & recognize the daily contributions that keep this community alive.

How can you become a Featured member too?

The contest is now officially launched for ever! This means that for the slightest contribution (except friending or profile updating) you can become one of the five featured members that are highlighted at the homepage. But watch out! You can quickly been "kicked off" from the "latest five", as soon as someone else starts to contribute... So: keep posting & contributing if you want your face (and the link to your profile!) to be featured at the homepage!

How do you know if you became Featured?

Once featured, the ning system will send you an automatic message. The activity feed at the homepage will then show a (manually edited) little message why a particular member has become featured. An example:

"Featured: Christine Prefontaine for her blogpost: Massive "Computer Knowledge Society" Initiative in Georgia to Launch 300 New Centers"

How long will you stay among the Featured?

You will then stay among the featured members for the rest of the month, untill the monthly overview (see below) has been sent on the last Friday of the month. The first Monday of the new month the Feature Member count is back to zero, waiting for you to participate again!

So: "good luck" is not the right slogan but: keep us posted & keep contributing, commenting & sharing!









Katie Gomelauri from the Ministry of Justice, Georgia - who recently started a big ICT project with 300 new access points.

Yasemin Kilit Aklarfrom Istanbul Sehir University. Check out their "Workshop on Hate Discourse for Online Editors"& "Certificate Program for Citizen Journalism"



François Ocana-Doradofor sharing the blogpost on EU's labour froce eSkills on Facebook.

Technical Secretaryof Community of Telecentre Networks Association for publishing a post on the Conference of Telecentre Managers

Cornelia Popescufor publishing a blogpost on the Awards Ceremony of the Romanian Get Online Week campaign.

Gabi Barnafor commenting on the blogpost on the winning an eInclusion award of our Polish member.

Peter Palvolgyifor congratulating our Polish member for winning an eInclusion award!

Mara jakobsonefor updating issues dealt with at the Board & Staff meeting in Brussels.

Yasemin Kilit Aklar from Istanbul Sehir University for joining our online community and for posting an upcoming event and a blogpost about the scholarships at the Istanbul Sehir University.

Ekaterina Fedotovafor congratulating her Lithuanian colleagues!

Elzbieta Dydak for posting a contribution at the Formal-members-only group to communicate with the other members & for commenting on the blogpost on the winning eInclusion award.

Katie Gomelauri for joining our community, for commenting blogposts, for sharing on Facebook & for congratulating our Polish member for winning an eInclusion award!

Loreta Krizinauskienefor posting photos & commenting Christine Prefontaine's latest blogpost.

Rita Sukytefor her blogpost: "The results of the Langas į ateitį ICT training project" & for congratulating our Polish friends for winning an eInclusion award.

Christine Prefontainefor her blogpost: Massive "Computer Knowledge Society" Initiative in Georgia to Launch 300 New Centers.

Juan Francisco Delgado for his blogpost "Innovation, Employment & Growth: “Social Innovation" and “Real-life Innovation” & for sharing the blogpost on the eInclusion Awards Ceremony on Twitter.

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