Within the joint project Click to Europe, supported by the European Union and Microsoft, IAN Telecentar and Esplai have organised a campaign for Internet safety day aimed at increasing safety of children on the Internet.


Within the campaign, an educational web site for kids and parents has been designed that strives to contribute that the Internet, as a fantastic source of knowledge, information and fun, be a safe place for kids. The web site is available in 3 languages – Serbian, Spanish and English. It contains two groups of advice and resources: for children and for parents.


Responsible parents can and should contribute to the safety of their children on the Internet. In an effort to facilitate this role for adults, a part of the web site leads parents through some of the most popular fields of activities of children on the Internet such as social networks, online chat, surfing, games and other, pointing out potential hazards and advice on the ways in which they can be avoided. Among other things the web site contains short videos (currently available only in Serbian) detailing how to set basic parameters for the safety of children on the Internet, how to create a separate account for your child on a home computer, set parental controls for children's account, how to install a free antivirus software.  The web page Resources hosts also a list of search engines for children, the recommended anti-virus programs, useful links, safe and free games for children.



We should never forget that the opportunities and benefits exceed the risks of the Internet! Internet is an excellent medium for learning and for fun. The web site www.pametanklik.rs/eng supports parents to encourage their children and help them use the Internet smartly and responsibly and to explore all positive opportunities it provides. At the same time it offers the children some guidance on how to enjoy the benefits of the Internet. On the web site the children may, among other things, learn how to set basic privacy and security options protecting their privacy on Facebook, how to block and report all people who send them unwanted or inappropriate messages and other content, how to behave on the chat, how to protect themselves and their friends from unfair and malicious actions on the Internet. They can also learn through playing a game Wild Web Woods designed by the Council of Europe.


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