Life Long Learning and Librarians

The role of the librarian in the digital age has greatly changed when libraries next to the books were equipped with computers, audio books, software for creativity, etc. All these changes demanded digital literacy skills for librarians first of all.  In the past 15 years it has become a rule to consult with the librarian not only about literature but ask questions and advice re or PC usage. For this reason, LLL by Lithuanian librarians has become crucially important and often.

In April 2018 association LANGAS I ATEITI and partners started implementing a national wide project “Connected Lithuania: safe, effective and responsible Lithuanian digital community”, the main goal of which is to help Lithuanians to discover advantages and more opportunities of the digital age acquiring digital skills. The main place of project activities is 65 public libraries and their branches (1200 public Internet access points). Before the massive society training two cycles of the training for librarians were organised by the project „Connected Lithuania“. In the first cycle, 1200 librarians were introduced to the recently arrived new equipment, software and technologies available in the renovated Lithuanian public libraries. As well, librarians participated in the distance learning course where safer Internet Usage rules and General Data Protection Regulation (BDAR) - the basic requirements and data security issues were presented. The second training cycle introduced European Commission initiatives in the field of digital literacy, the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how they are changing the labour market situation and everyday life.

In the near future, there will be organised one more training cycle for librarians considering the new technical and equipment program that is delivered to the public libraries all over Lithuania. The Equipment is made of 3 packages: programming, engineering and creative. It includes microcomputers, LEGO constructors, 3D projection software and printing toolkits, processing audio and video recordings, etc. 3 training programs according to the 3 packages will be prepared. Each package will encourage  6 „step by step“ projects made as short videos with any material result. Using the videos and following instructions librarians are going to learn how to use the equipment with the aim to help library users to use it.

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