Lithuanian, Latvian and Croatian e-facilitators experience an intergenerational learning methodology (ILBES)

E-Facilitators broaden their professional horizons learning new ways of building communities in telecenters. 15 representatives from 8 Lithuanian, Latvian and Croatian organizations were invited to get familiar with recently developed Intergenerational Learning in Blended Environments and Spaces (ILBES) methodology.

The approach of ILBES methodology is inspired by the intergenerational learning circle that facilitates the socio-digital inclusion of seniors and the entrance of youth to the labor market and adult life, while improving solidarity between generations. In other words  - during the 3 days training the representatives of libraries, telecentres, non-formal ICT training centers etc. were trained how to attract and facilitate young volunteers’ ICT trainings for seniors and seniors’ mentoring for same young volunteers to empower their self-efficiency and self-confidence building the career. E-Facilitators discussed the challenges and peculiar methodological approach of organizing mix-generational workshops.

This e-Facilitators training was organized in the frame of international Trans e-Scouts project being implemented by 4 partners consortium. This project aims to facilitate the socio-digital inclusion of elderly and youth improving local community life. The methodology was developed during former e-Scouts project and now is being transferred and adapted to 3 more European countries. ILBES will be piloted with 90 young people and 90 seniors who will be honorably given names of e-Scouts.

Next to the e-Facilitators training the 3rd project coordination meeting was held and hosted by project coordinators Fundacion Esplai in Barcelona. The main focus of teamwork this time was on the coming piloting work package which is going to be implemented till August, 2015.

 This project has been funded with support from the European Commission and will last till October, 2015.

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