Media Literacy, our next challenge | Great impact during ALL DIGITAL Week

The achievement of media literacy is not only a challenge but an opportunity for all organisations that work for the enhancement of the digital skills among citizens.

Our experience after the ALL DIGITAL Week showed us that citizens are expecting/waiting for this kind of training. They find it really attractive since they can understand how disinformation can affect their daily life. We created a form with fake job offers, confusing ads and headlines and controversial information with a feedback that they receive once it's completed. This activity has had a very positive feedback from users.

This form generated very interesting results out of 500 participants across the region:

Only 46% use fact checking websites. While more than 80% think that fake news may have important consequences in their daily life.

A high percentage of participants considered fake some true news, such as job offers, scientific news, even though they could use fact checking websites while completing the form, just because of the headline.78 debates & awareness raising sessions have been conducted during the ALL DIGITAL Week, reaching 500 users from different groups (youth, immigrants, unemployed, NEETs, ...). The conclusion is very clear: media literacy is one of the main challenges we have to immediately face.

Here are some pictures

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