The new Strategic Plan of the GUADALINFO Project includes, among its Strategic Lines, the following:

- Development of the citizens’ capacities for Innovation as an engine of change and transformation of the territory of Andalusia.

- Expansion of the Environment propitious for innovation promoting the participation of the users outside the GUADALINFO centers.

- Establishment of Alliances and synergies with other networks and interest groups (enterpreuners, NGOs, companies, public administrations, …) to increase and generate added value to the GUADALINFO Centers’ activities.

One of the main Action Lines deployed to accomplish these ambitious goals has been the so called “GUADALINFO CHALLENGES” (“DESAFIOS GUADALINFO”), based on a Methodology of SOCIAL OPEN INNOVATION.

The structural points of our methodology are the following:

A) Strong Cooperation from the beginning with the local territorial social agents (“INTEREST GROUPS”), divided in three groups (2,336 groups in working) :

- Non Profit Organizations (NGOs),

- Private Companies, specially local SMEs, and

- Public Administrations.

B) 9 Wide Action Lines or “CHALLENGES” proposed at a regional level to the territory:

1. Citizenship Participation.

2. Digital and Social Inclusion.

3. Entrepreneurs and Employment.

4. Internationalization.

5. Motivation to Change.

6. Childhood.

7. Andalusia’s Image.

8. Social Corporate Responsibility.

9. Innovation and Creativity.

C) Free proposal of projects and iniciatives from the “bottom” (territory) to the “top” (regional managers), taking into account the needs and socioeconomic profile of each local village.

In this process the global network proposed a total of 24 CHALLENGES to be developed each one in the territory through several projects.

D) Professional Support to the dynamizers’ network in the territory providing them with:

- Specific training about projects’ design and management.

- Tools to select and identify potential Project Leaders among the GUADALINFO users in the territory.

- Motivation, Empowerment and Coaching sessions.

- Group and Brainstorming Sessions about projects.

- Connection and networking between similar challenges in different geographic areas of our region.

- Support and assistance to promote the projects through the web 2.0 tools.

- Specific consultancy on demand to the projects.

- Suggestion of potential interesting alliances to reinforce each project.

E) Creation of On Line Repositories of Projects, New Ideas and Best Practices.

F) Promotion and Acknowledgment of the best projects and practices in the Meetings, Events and Encounters programmed.

Through this process we have now 370 projects being developed in the territory, and 322 Centers involved in these projects (51,59% of the total Andalusian GUADALINFO network).



The main goal of this project is to promote, train and raise conscience on
the values of the sustainability through technological tools, in a way that will allow to achieve the motivation and generation of a new attitude in people, influencing to a social change to promote the adequate care, respect and conservation of our natural environment.

One of the activities planned in the project consists of locating special containers for batteries, toners, cellulars, etc., near all the GUADALINFO Centers in the province of Huelva, as a pilot phase, previous to expansion through all the region. We have set up an alliance with the local company RECILEG, dedicated to electronic components’ recycling, so that new employments and economic activity will be created in the region.

2) “JAMONES 2.0” / “HAMS 2.0”

“Jamones ABUXARRA” is a small young company located in the area of the “Alpujarra Granadina” in Granada, Andalusia.

The ellaboration of the hams is made through a natural and typical process, based on the antique tradition of the best drying sheds of the small village of Trevélez (Granada).

Actually, this small company has decided to transform its business model offering its products and services through Internet, blogs and social networks, opening new and innovative selling channels to their customers and followers.

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