Ministerial Declaration on eGovernment/Press Conference in Sweden

On november 18, 2009, The European Free Trade Area Countries, Ministers responsible for eGovernment policy of the European Union Member States and the Candidates Countries approved Ministerial Declaration on eGovernment, in Malmo, Sweden.
Today, during a press conference Mats Odell, Minister of Financial Markets of Sweden and Siim Kallas, Commissioner responsible for Administrative Affairs, Audit and Anti-Fraud talk about the content of the official statement and explain its many facilities for citizens. According to the terms of the declaration, stating that: “European governments are recognized as being open, flexible and collaborative in their relationships with citizens and businesses”, the citizens can consider themselves more privileged. E-government Declaration empowers and encourages people to experience digital services, to have faith in the government, to be actively involved, at least electronically, in politics.
“We are creating new useful services for citizens, with citizens”, Matt Odell sustains.
E-Government is an attempt to reduce the administrative burden, improve organisational processes and promote a sustainable low-carbon economy. The main goal of the statement is an efficient collaboration between member states regarding public administrations and communication technologies.

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